New Product Introduction Engineer

Amsterdam-Zuid, North Holland, Netherlands · L656


About the company

EV-Box was founded in 2010. At that moment, electric cars and vehicles were an exception and charging stations were not present. It’s founders set their hearts and eyes on a clear concept: a fully modular charging station that facilitates easy installation, maintenance and upgrades and uncompromising quality and durability.

EV-Box is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. With an installed base of over 60,000 charging points including 700 fast charging points in 45 countries, EV-Box drives sustainable mobility, by bringing the leading electric vehicle charging solutions to the world. EV-Box is also head supplier for the infrastructure in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht.

EV-Box is unique in fusing hardware and software into an All-in-one charging solution to ensure an optimal charging experience and an energy-efficient operation.

EV Box expects to double every year due to their innovative character and their high quality products. The company owns 47 nationalities all working closely together to create a new standard. Just like the automobile replaced the horse and carriage, so will electric vehicles replace combustion-based automobiles. A charging point at every parking spot, an Electric Vehicle for every driver.

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Purpose of the role

The prototype is known by clients, suppliers and colleagues. R&D worked hard to gain this result and in the last part of the engineering cycle, you step in.

You are the one who brings a prototype into production, continuously making improvements on the manufacturing processes, working closely together with suppliers, operations and R&D. You deeply understand engineers but you think ‘process-minded’. By this approach you create structure in a technically challenging environment. Among others, your efforts will result in realizing exponential growth coming years.

Responsibilities but not limited to:
• Lead last part of engineering cycle when it comes to bringing our new product to production (New Product Introduction);
• Technically review and propose improvements for manufacturing process of charging stations, consisting of electronics, housing and firmware;
• Be the main point of communication with suppliers when it comes to operational engineering related topics;
• Perform assessments from hardware development side in case of new supplier selection;
• Lead alignment with manufacturing partners when setting up new production (lines)
• Support our Engineers in optimizing products in development for production;
• Lead improvement of automated testing procedures in configuration procedures in manufacturing;
• Implement technical releases protocol for new components;
• Assist with quality related issues in production;

Position within the organization:

The New Product Introduction Engineer, will report to the Vice President Engineering. Besides he/she will work closely together with Manufacturing, external suppliers and Q&A.


• You hold a Bachelor or Master degree in Electronics.
• You have experience in optimizing/improving electronic manufacturing processes, bringing alignment with manufacturing partners working together with R&D and Q&A.
• It would be great if you also bring knowledge/experience from the Lean Six Sigma Methodology and project management.
• 5 years (more or less) of relevant experience in the field of Electronics, embedded systems, hardware & software engineering and automatic testing.

We do ask a lot, but hopefully you are also very enthusiastic about our mission. We are looking for a structured, confident and effective communicator with a strong electrical background. So if you do not fully recognize yourself in the criteria written above, we do still like to discuss the opportunities.


Excellent compensation package known by Luke Recruitment.

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